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Sandrine Estrade Boulet

Dezember 6, 2010

Die französische Illustratorin Sandrine Estrade Boulet verschönert den Alltag indem sie ihren Gedanken und Assoziationen freien Lauf lässt und Aufnahmen von Straßenszenen in lustige kleine Bilder verwandelt, die auch uns zum Träumen verführen.

— The french illustrator Sandrine Estrade Boulet embellishes everyday life by letting her imagination wander and allowing associations with different images. She transforms street scenes in funny little pictures, that make us dream aswell. —

— „Sandrine likes to sit on a bench, even for only two minutes. To stop running and look further than our feet. Take time to comtemplate our everyday environment. Rediscover it. Wait. Try to see rather than look.

« To create a sensitive work that is fun, positive and totally disinhibited, imagine spontaneous images that can make people feel good, putting a smile on their face : this is what really motivates me and amuses me. »

« Through my work, I am trying to create kind of a visual alphabet/language. After seing my work, if people can also start to visualise their environment in a different and more positive way, that would make me very happy. In our crazy world surrounded by technology, where mobile phones, personal computers, game consoles and internet sites have become the main actors of our everyday life, it is essential to realize that we can also find pleasure in very basic, accessible and simple things in life such as riding our bicycle to the bakery in the morning, walking our kids to school, or simply wondering in the city, going for a walk in a park or anywhere else. »

When you are a kid, you spend hours laying down in the grass seeing/visualizing amazing things in the clouds. Well, I have decided this should never stop.

And you, what are you going to see today ?…“ — via

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